Template Design

The guidance to safer prescribing of controlled drugs and hypnotics can be viewed here. To download the CDs/Hypnotics/sedatives EMIS template please click here. The template is password protected so please email aneelatehseen@saferprescribing.co.uk for details. This allows us to keep track of who is using the template and to provide update notifications if changes have been made.

Step by step guidance on designing templates for drugs that require regular monitoring such as Disease modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs), Lithium, and Anticoagulants. 

This kind of templates help discuss and document shared decision making for the drugs that do not require a blood test as means of monitoring. Instead, it helps provide opportunity to provide drug related education and record patients' consent.

Once you have a template designed it needs to be activated within the system so it is available.